Tips to Reduce Glare

Driving a vehicle at night can be a challenging task for every driver. Most crashes shall occur at night, and therefore one is expected to be extra careful. These dangers arise because the vision is lower. You also get disturbances when facing glare from the headlights of other vehicles that can temporarily blind you. Sometimes glare can cause confusion, dizziness, and blindness.

Below are some of the tips to handle or reduce glare:
Cleaning the Glass Surfaces, Windows, and Windshield
When you decide to wash a car's essential mirrors, you will end up fighting glare yourself. The inside 

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Choosing Your Teen's First Car

Buying a new car for your teen driver is a tricky choice because you have to weigh all of the same characteristics that you would if you were buying a car for yourself, but also take into account the fact that the person behind the wheel will be new to driving.

From that perspective, anything that makes the driving experience easier is a big help. For example, gentle handling and moderate acceleration are easier to manage than a sporty feel. Loading up on safety features is a very good move because it will help to safeguard your teen as they…

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Find Your Security in the Chevrolet Colorado

On your test drive in Clovis, NM in the new Chevrolet Colorado when you come to see us at Bender Chevrolet Buick GMC, you will feel nothing but secure. This vehicle was literally made with your safety in mind, from the frame of the truck to even the interior of it and the technological capabilities.

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